At Classic Blinds and Shutters, we understand the importance of manufacturing low maintenance and high quality window coverings that are practical for everyday living, especially for those looking to move into a retirement village.

In recent years, more and more people have become attracted to the community spirit and ease of living associated with retirement villages across the Hunter. Our clients have reassured us that whilst the move from a traditional family home to a retirement village is a drastic lifestyle shift, it’s a decision they will never regret.

Low Maintenance
Leaving the family house behind in favour of a retirement village means no more mowing of the lawn, tending to the herb garden and watering the plants each weekend. Instead your old, high maintenance lifestyle is replaced by an easier way of life and we believe your window coverings should replicate this. Our clients adore their low maintenance blinds and shutters as it gives them the time to enjoy the social aspect of their retirement village rather than worrying about oiling the slats on their venetians!

Moving into a retirement village does not mean sacrificing your style, especially when it comes to your window coverings. Trendy prints and textured fabrics can be used to create visual interest in your home, as well as differentiating your place from others. Visit our Showroom for an appointment with one of our colour consultants and we will help you pick the right window covering for your home.

Purchasing window coverings that are both stylish and practical is hugely important. Identify your concerns (for example, ventilation or privacy) and we can provide different options that combine both functionality and design to achieve the best result for your home.

Visit our Parry St Showroom at 154 Parry St. Newcastle West to get advice on finding the perfect window coverings for your retirement home.

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Traditional Awnings

Traditional Awnings are sometimes called “automatic” (spring loaded) window awnings, and have been around for as long as the sun has been shining on our homes. Think of the striped canvas awnings on our grandparent’s homes. They are very effective and give excellent heat reduction in an affordable and uncomplicated form that is time tested.

Straight Drop Blinds

Invigorate an outdoor area with straight drop blinds. Entertain, play, relax. Straight drop external awnings create a cosy and welcoming outdoor environment, protect your deck from the weather and retain your view. The slimline appearance of straight drop blinds means they are barely noticeable and sit almost flush with the wall they are attached to. When the awning is put away, the fabric retreats into an enclosed headbox that protects it from rain and harsh sun.

Wire Guided

Exterior roller blinds give a refined finish to your windows. A wire guide blind enables easy height adjustment, while channel guided blinds work well in higher wind areas and offer good weather protection. Add automation and weather sensors for the ultimate in laid back style.
Exterior surround blinds can also extend your seasonal deck use. One of the most popular options is Zip track, a recognised Australian brand that has successfully enclosed our verandas for many years.


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