One of our hard working staff members has recently replaced her ageing Vertical Blinds with Classic Plantation Shutters at her home in Newcastle.

Chris likes to leave her windows open at night for fresh air, and as she and her husband were over the rattle of the Vertical Blinds, Chris chose Aluminium Plantation Shutters. Plantation Shutters are one of the few window coverings that remain silent in a breezy window, the aluminium is robust enough to cope with any ingress of the elements. Chris has also commented on the improved quality of light that now comes into her house.

The dull fabric of the verticals seemed to absorb light whilst the painted shutters provides a soft light bounce. We always knew Chris would be thrilled with her renovation, but husband Bruce is also very pleased! If you are like Chris and like to leave your windows open at night whilst you sleep, we are able to fit locks to our Aluminium Plantation Shutters to provide that peace of mind security.